Airedale Terriers

The Airedale Terrier is a true head turner whose appearance commands attention and often causes people to stop and take notice. Due to their size, unique traits, and regal appearance, they are commonly referred to as the “King of Terriers.” They are a unique and energetic breed known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their comical and affectionate nature. They are confident and alert, with amazing protective instincts making them excellent watchdogs, yet are also playful, cuddly and endearing, making them great family pets. The airedale breed is absolutely bursting with personality and requires plenty of attention and exercise. With proper training and socialization skills, they can make exceptional pets and loyal, lifelong companions for any family.

About the Breed

Airedales possess a unique and indescribable sense of humor that only those who have owned one can truly understand. This breed is known for their ornery yet loving nature, fierce loyalty, protectiveness, courage, and majestic presence. They are loving, goofy and brilliant as well as remarkably human-like.  Airedales are rightfully considered the king of the terriers and they seem to know it! Despite their size, they will eagerly plop on top of their owners for a snuggle without a care in the world! They are quite the attention grabbers, and people often approach and ask what kind of dog they are. Airedale Terriers are great watch dogs, and while they are a friendly breed they definitely will protect your home from strangers. They are loving and endearing and will welcome you home everyday and make you feel like a movie star! Airedale Terriers are smart, know what they can get away with and will push boundaries if you let them.  As an energetic breed, Airedale Terriers need regular exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom. Although Airedales may not be suitable for every family, those who meet them often wish to have one due to their uniqueness and wonderful qualities.

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General Breed Qualitites


Our Airedales average around 65lbs. Large males 70+


Wiry, curly/wavy, black/ tan or grizzle/tan, non-shedding, hypoallergenic


Funny, affectionate, Intelligent, protective, courageous, ornery, goofy, human-like, watchful, endearing, playful, energetic, and confident

Life Span:

9-13 years


$2500/ea. plus tax

The full price including sales tax for a AKC Airedale Terrier puppy is a total cost of $2,662.50. This price includes the $500 down payment required to reserve your puppy. 

** $100 discount offered for reserving a future puppy

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