Airedale dog

Are Airedales Just Mini Bears? 

Written by Steve Klotzle Just recently, I welcomed a new addition to my family. To be clear, my wife was the main contributor in this endeavor, but I played a small part. Mainly in getting her ice chips and keeping the dad jokes rolling in – which she really loved as you can imagine. Despite …

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The Meaning of Dogs

My wife Brenda grew up without dogs in her home. A notion so foreign to me I very seriously considered it a deal breaker when we first met. Slowly and carefully, I indoctrinated her with terrier propaganda, and she drank the Kool-Aid and is now a self-proclaimed terrier addict. Something I am very proud of!  …

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life's abundance product group

What does my puppy eat?!

We’ve been on a quest to find a dog food that’s both healthy and delicious, and let’s just say we’ve tried a LOT of brands. But after much experimentation, we finally stumbled upon Life’s Abundance – and boy, were we pleasantly surprised! Now, I’ll admit, at first I was skeptical – I mean, who wouldn’t …

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Finding Joy Amidst Chaos

If you’re a dog lover like me and my son Asher, then you know that life is better with a wagging tail and a wet nose. Our puppies are our constant companions, cuddle buddies, and sanity savers – because let’s face it, sometimes they’re the only ones who can make us smile. Asher and I …

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Potty Training Puppies Made Easy: The Magic of Litter Training

Why litter train? We litter train our puppies because… well for one, puppy poop stinks… and when you have a whole litter of puppies pooping at least 6 times a day wherever they feel like it, stepping in it, smearing it… well it makes a disastrous, stinky mess!!!! The other reason is because it sets …

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Flying on a Plane with a Puppy

Disclaimer We try to help our buyers with pickup and transportation as much as we possibly can, but ultimately puppy pickup is the buyer’s responsibility. Check with Airlines First, be sure to check your airlines carry on pet requirements. Every airline is different with their rules and can change at any time (United recently changed …

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