You’re Interested! – Here are Your Options


Join Our Contact List

Not sure you’re ready to purchase? This option ensures that you will be contacted with new puppy and current litter information but no purchase commitment.


Reserve A Future Puppy

Place a deposit in advance for a puppy that will be born in the next 6 months. This option requires a $500 deposit before we will hold a puppy for you.

** $100 price reduction for this option


currently available puppies

Make a deposit to reserve one of our current puppies. This option requires a $500 deposit before we will hold a puppy for you.

Non-Refundable Policy

As long as the requested gender and breed is available for you within the next six months, all puppy deposits are non-refundable. However, if no puppy becomes available within this time frame, you may choose to either get a refund or continue waiting. Our policy is intended to ensure that interested buyers are serious about reserving their puppies and have a dedicated home for them. Rehoming a puppy can be a challenging process for us and the puppy, hence, the deposit is required to ensure mutual commitment.

Shipping & Delivery

Please Note: Many of our puppy buyers are from out of state, we try to assist as much as possible with delivery and transportation but please be aware delivery and shipping is ultimately the buyers responsibility. Please familiarize yourself with the Transportation & Delivery information page before putting a deposit down on a puppy.

Next Steps

Congratulations on making a deposit and reserving your new puppy – how exciting! Wondering what comes next? We’re happy to fill you in on the process that takes place between your deposit and the day you pick up your adorable new family member.