Lakeland Terriers

Lakeland Terriers are a happy, peppy and spirited terrier breed with a great sense of humor. They are full of terrier energy, intelligence, spunk and confidence. They enjoy the company of people and are very affectionate. They are absolutely adorable puppies and most of the time people ask if the adults are full grown as they maintain that puppy cuteness, especially with their long curly teddy bear hair.  They are a unique and uncommon breed and not many people have seen or heard of them, so it is common to get lots of questions when you are out and about.

About the Breed

Lakelands are a sweet, charming, spunky, bold, entertaining, beautiful and playful breed!!!! They are very affectionate and really enjoy being around people, sitting on your lap and giving everyone kisses!! That being said, they also are very adventurous, confident, ornery and curious! Their adventurous and curious nature can make them bold and even a little mischievous at times, but it’s also a trait that is endearing, charming and comical; and makes them hard to resist. 

Lakeland Terriers also LOVE water. I mean LOVE. Good luck watering your flowers with an open mouthed Lakeland diving through your water stream. I would say they are a tiny bit less dominant and stubborn than the Welsh. Though again, their individual personality matters in this area. They share many similarities both in looks and personality with the Airedale and Welsh. The biggest differences between them are physical: they are the smallest of the 3, they come in different colors and their hair is a bit less wiry and coarse and a little on the softer side. They may be smaller but they are hardy; definitely not a tiny, delicate lap dog. They share many of the same benefits and difficulties that come with training a highly intelligent, charismatic and energetic breed such as the Welsh, Airedale or Lakeland Terrier. All in all the Lakeland is a sweet, affectionate and spunky breed that will keep your family smiling and also on your toes.

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General Breed Qualitites


About 15-18 lbs.


A variety of colors. AKC recognizes 12 different colors including solid and saddled colors. Wiry outer coat, softer inner coat.Hypoallergenic and non-shedding.


Persistent, friendly, confident, playful, energetic, adventurous, entertaining, brave, lively, irresistible, curious, independent, loving, peppy and loyal

Life Span:

12-16 Years


$3000/ea. plus tax

The full price including sales tax for a AKC Lakeland Terrier puppy is a total cost of $3,195. This price includes the $500 down payment required to reserve your puppy. 

** $2500/ea. plus tax for black Lakeland puppies only

** $100 discount offered for reserving a future puppy


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