Whats Included

We love each and every one of our puppies and want to prepare them, as best as we can, for a happy and healthy future with their new family and home. As a responsible breeder, we want to get you and your puppy off to the best possible start to ensure the two of you are well-prepared for your new lives together.

Whats Included


Each Puppy Comes Home Happy, Healthy and With Their Own Care Package

All our puppies come with their tails docked, dew claws removed,  their first shots (6wks), and a vaccine of NeoPar to help protect them against Parvo until they receive the rest of their vaccinations. They are Microchipped and will come with the AKC reunite microchip registry application so that you can register your individual dogs microchip number to your name in case he would ever get lost and need help finding his way home. They are all wormed following our vet recommended worming regime and have been checked out by our vet at least one time. They will come with their limited AKC registration papers, our health warranty, our health record. Parents AKC pedigrees can be emailed by request or you can order your own dogs pedigree when you complete his/her AKC registration. All our puppies are socialized around young children and often times a variety of animals. We also work with our puppies from an early age to teach them litter training which makes for an easier time when you start house training at your own home.

Each Puppy will come with a Anne’s Pups drawstring bag filled with your paperwork, a 3lb. baggie of Life’s Abundance puppy chow to get you started (see our Food & Nutrition page), a Anne’s Pups poop pickup bag dispenser, Anne’s Pups collapsible water bowl and a blankie rubbed on mom and siblings. These blankies often remain their favorite for many years and provides comforting smells to help ease their transition into their new home. Here is a link to a video of Anne reviewing the paperwork and what is in the bag for puppy buyers, just like she does when she meets you to pick up your sweet new puppy.

Each Puppy also comes with support from us! We are here to answer questions over the years as you have them and we try very hard to provide as many resources as possible to help our puppy families out!

Our Health Warranty

The Purpose of this warranty is to guarantee that the above puppy was delivered/sold to the above new owner in excellent health.

Within 2 weeks of the time of the sale or transfer of the puppy, the new owner must take the puppy to his or her veterinarian for an examination. If any health issues are found out at this examination, we will make the decision (after conferring with your veterinarian and our veterinarian) on whether to either pay for any expenses, replace the puppy with another puppy (when available, with delivery expenses paid for by us), or simply return the new owners money with retrieval of the puppy.

After this examination is completed and any issues have been resolved the new owner will accept all responsibilities of the puppy’s health from that point on. Seller is not obligated to refund any of the purchase price except as stated above. If a life threatening, congenital defect is detected at some point in the puppy’s life, buyer will notify the seller of this. At that time, seller will need to confer with buyers veterinarian and sellers veterinarian (written documentation from buyers veterinarian may be needed as well as the dogs full health history) and make the decision on what seller feels is right and fair to all parties involved; whether it is something we (seller) feel we are responsible for and need to make right with the buyer or not. If we decide that we do feel that it is indeed our responsibility we would discuss with the buyer what they would like to do, but ultimately seller would make the decision whether to either pay for any expenses, replace the puppy with another puppy (when available), or to simply return some or all of the buyers money with or without (at our discretion) the retrieval of the dog/puppy. We are not guaranteeing coverage of the dog/puppy beyond anything that may be found in their first 2 weeks with buyer, but we pride ourselves on honesty and treating our buyers the way we would want to be treated, that is one of the most important things to us. So instead of declaring whether we will or will not cover something, we ask that if something comes up, you contact us and we will go through the above process and determine what we feel is truly most fair to all parties.

Thank You,

Annes Airedales LLC