Transportation & Delivery

We want to make it as convenient and easy for you as possible to pick up your puppy. Our buyers are always welcome to come to our house and pick up your puppy in person, but If you live too far away or want to shorten your journey to us, we try to offer as much transportation assistance as possible!  We have both driving and flying options. We do not ever send our puppies alone with shipping companies or in cargo! We work to help our buyers out with transportation but we also work hard to make sure it’s the easiest possible solution for our puppies too!  Whether you need us to drive towards you and meet you somewhere or if you are flying to us and need us to meet you at the airport or whether you need us to fly along with your puppy to your airport, we have options to accommodate! Shoot us an email and let us know your location, needs, and preferences and we are more than willing to walk you through the process and assist you in whatever way we can.

Having Us Drive & Meet You

​If you are planning on driving to pick up your puppy but have a long drive we would be more than happy to help shorten your trip by driving with your puppy and meeting you part way.  We do charge for gas, time, and tolls and our prices are below.  Whenever possible Steve and I will be the ones driving to meet you but we also have trusted friends and family that act as puppy nannies and do some of the deliveries for us when we are unavailable. The drive times below are calculated via google maps and the amount of hours listed means the amount of time we would drive one way to meet you.

Driving Transportation Pricing

1/2 Hour ONLY:FREE
1 Hour toward you:$100
2 Hours toward you:$200
(depending on gas & toll expenses)
3 Hours toward you:$300
(depending on gas & toll expenses)
We can sometimes drive up to 5 hours towards a buyer, but only if there is more than one puppy buyer in that area that can all meet at the same location. Price per family would vary for a 4 or 5 hour one way trip and would be quoted via email.

Pricing varies by gas prices, driver, tolls and location. Please ask for an estimate.

The image here depicts a general idea of our delivery range, with the innermost circle being the half hour radius, the next circle being the 1 hour radius that includes Cleveland and so on until ending with the 4-5 hour radius. 
The above pricing is measured by the time (and miles) it takes us to get from our house to where we are meeting you, and back (which will be determined by google maps) prior to the day of the meeting. We do not charge additionally if it takes us longer to get to you due to weather or traffic. Although we do have the right to cancel the meeting if the weather is too severe. If you have any questions or are interested in doing this please email and check with me.

Flying a Puppy by Plane

We will not ship puppies alone in cargo. However, we do have options for flying a puppy to you. Either, you can fly to us and fly home with your puppy in cabin with you or if it is not an option for you to come to us, we (myself or Steve or one of our trusted puppy nannies) can fly your puppy to you the same way!

If you choose to fly to us we can meet you at our airport if you would like so you don’t have to rent a car and come to us. In that situation you would need your own airline approved puppy carrier. If we fly to you, you would meet us at your airport and we would use our puppy carrier and take it home with us afterwards.

Price Breakdown of Having a Puppy Nanny Come to Your Airport

Cost of the puppy nannies flight + the carry on pet fee from the airline ($85-125 depending on the airline) + $500-800 for the puppy nannies time. Flying delivery cost will vary by location, length of flights, total flight time, turn around time, if a hotel is needed,  etc. 

Note: No matter where you live in the US we can organize a delivery, however, my husband and I have siblings in southeast Iowa and southwest Texas. We go back and forth between my sister in Iowa quite often, Texas about once a year. We also have family in Arizona and Oregon. If you live in those states we are often very willing to deliver to you there, or can fairly easily find a family member willing to do so. If you are in a warm state…. We live in Ohio… so if it’s winter… again, we are often very willing to meet you there.

Meeting at the Airport

If you prefer to fly to us to pick up your puppy, you’re still more than welcome to rent a car and come to our place. However, If you don’t want to have to rent a car, I can meet you at the airport with your puppy!

Akron-Canton Airport | CAK

Located about a half hour from us and I will meet you there with your puppy for free.

Cleveland Hopkins Airport | CLE

Located about an hour from us and we charge $100 to meet there.

Columbus Airport | CMH

We don’t regularly meet people there so if you are interested in this option, email us for a price estimate. Columbus Airport is located about 2 hours from us.

Additional Notes

Please be sure to check your airlines requirements for carry on pets (there are different requirements for cargo pets and carry on pets). Once you book your flight online you need to call and add a carry on pet to your returning flight, most airlines limit the amount of carry on pets allowed on each plane. If you plan on flying to us for your puppy’s pickup please check with me on dates and times before you book, I have lots of info to share to walk you through this process as well.

We try to help our buyers with pickup and transportation as much as we possibly can, but ultimately puppy pickup is the buyers responsibility. There may be times that we cannot drive and meet you or fly your puppy to you, we have a lot of friends and family that deliver puppies for us, but there could possibly be times that we cannot find someone and in those times, please keep in mind that transportation is the buyers responsibility.

We try to help our buyers with pickup and transportation as much as we possibly can, but please keep in mind, ultimately puppy pickup is the buyers responsibility.