Welsh Terriers

Similar to their larger cousin, the Airedale, Welsh Terriers are attention-grabbers wherever they go. They are a unique breed that is well-suited for active families looking for a loving pet. With their wiry coat and feisty personalities, they are highly intelligent, perceptive and intuitive dogs, making them excellent protectors and companions. Above all they love to run, play and explore and while their energy and intelligence can sometimes work against training, they are happy, loyal and loving dogs who will keep their owners entertained and comforted.

About the Breed

Welsh Terriers are known for their spirited and ornery personalities, as well as their endearing feistiness. Along with being ornery though, they are loving, vivacious, entertaining and sweet! Numerous families seek a smaller version of an Airedale Terrier and both Welsh and Lakeland Terriers are an excellent fit for that.  Welsh Terriers are not only similar to Airedales in size and appearance, their personalities share many similarities as well. Lakelands and Welsh are also extremely similar, but Welsh terriers tend to have a slightly more feisty personality. Their feistiness is so endearing though, as with all terriers!! Welsh’s are very loving and devoted, they definitely think they are a big dog and can protect you from anything and anyone! They are typical terriers full of energy and will keep busy. But they also have such incredible intuition and perceptiveness and are very aware of their surroundings and environment. Welshs are so unbelievably smart, it can work towards training or against at times because they are known to outsmart us. They are real “big brother” type dogs, they want to take care of you, check things out for you, comfort you, and protect you.

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General Breed Qualitites


About 20-25 lbs


Change color to “Coat” Wiry, curly/wavy, black/ tan or grizzle/tan, non-shedding, hypoallergenic


Spunky, fun, brilliant, playful, spirited, courageous, alert, headstrong, charming, amusing, fearless, curious, sweet, devoted and hardy

Life Span:

12-15+ Years


$3000/ea. plus tax

The full price including sales tax for a AKC Welsh Terrier puppy is a total cost of $3,195. This price includes the $500 down payment required to reserve your puppy. 

** $100 discount offered for reserving a future puppy

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